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creating safe spaces to grow and explore.

Ren's approach

Creating partnerships for valued growth, and humanistic Social Work.

Ren couples their almost 15 years of Social Work experience in micro, mezzo, and macro practice, with a drive to understand and grow your values-driven, humanistic social work practice.

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Supervision for New graduates

For Mental Health Professionals and Social Workers in their first 2 years of practice post graduation

With years of experience providing comprehensive supervision to Social Work graduates, Ren can help you navigate the first years of your career.

$130 per session

Supervision for established clinicians

For Mental Health Professionals, and Social Workers with 2 or more years of supervision.sse

Engaging in regular Clinical Supervision with a trusted, experienced supervisor can be a vital activity in maintaining ethics driven practice, and accreditation.

Coaching for dei, and queer community facing professionals

For professionals working with, and for queer communities, and other marginalised groups.

Synthesising her experience in community campaigning, anti-discrimination training, leadership, and therapeutic modalities, Ren is well placed to help turn your frustrations into action plans!

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