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Space for deep reflection

Professional development and education that brings you along on the journey

We are proud to deliver training that challenges normative thinking, and creates space to ask the 'dumb' questions.

Our Services

LGBTIqA+ INclusive Practice in Health and human services

Tailored to the needs and setting of your organisation. This inclusive practice package brings people along for the journey balancing open discussion, accountability, and best practice. In this package, we clarify LGBTIQA+ identities, health outcomes and best practice for LGBTIQA+ inclusion.

In your workplace, or online.

Neurtralising Queerphobia

We all engage in queerphobic thoughts and actions. What matters is how we are accountable to our actions, and how we work to neutralise it's affects.

This workshop aims to create a "safe, uncomfortable space", where participants are encouraged to be gentle and challenging of themselves. Exploring themes of implicit bias, human survival states, and ambient trauma, this professional development is one that will stick with you for years to come.

LGBTIQA+ communities in mental health settings

Creating safety for LGBTIQA+ communities when they come into contact with mental health services is vital to their wellbeing.

Drawing from lived experience and and almost 15 years of experience in LGBTIQA+ mental health, this workshop can ensure clinicians are equipped with the 'brilliant basics' and evidence based best practice.


Let Lorene Slade bring her evocative, engaging, and uplifting speaking style to your event

Known for deftly meeting their brief, Lorene is praised for their moving, and engaging communication style. Lorene has spoken at queer days of significance (such as IDAHOBIT, Trans Awareness Week, Pride Month etc.), leadership conferences, and queer community events.


Omni insight:

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