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Queer Community

social Work placement

A direct practice placement that invites queer Social Work students to work with queer community.

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Omni Insight is an innovative Private Practice that is designed for and by LGBTIQA+, Trauma Survivor and Neurodivergent communities. We provide individual therapy sessions, group therapy, education, consultation, and clinical supervision services.


In this placement you will have the chance to work for and with queer community in micro, mezzo and macro practice.


You will be supervised by Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Lorene (Ren) Slade (she/they). Ren has almost 15 years experience working in queer community micro, mezzo, and macro practice, as a neuroqueer social worker.



  • OMNI Insight is an entirely virtual service, so you will be expected to have a suitable, private, secure space to conduct the majority of your placement.


  • You will stay in Shepparton on Yorta Yorta Woka for 2 weeks of your placement to meet with Ren in person, attend community events, and/or engage in IRL workshops. There may be other opportunities to attend other events in other locations and other times.


  • You will need to submit a current CV, and a statement addressing the placement preselection criteria. Successful applicants will be requested to interview for the placement.

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Apply to do your placement with us

Placement Preselection Criteria:


You can submit your statements addressing this criteria via a written document, voice memo, or video. OMNI Insight values creativity, and you can express your creative flair through this medium, as long as your answers are clear!


  • Please express your passion for working with and for queer community in your past work or volunteering.


  • We’d love to know about the theories of practice, frameworks and models that have appealed to you in your studies and any past placement.


  • Tell us about your particular passions in working with and for queer communities (working with First Nations queers? group work? working with bi+ communities?)


  • Your placement will see you working with a level of autonomy and independence; what are your strengths and challenges working in this sort of environment?



Omni Insight placements are available for placements beginning at three points during the year, beginning in February, May, and August.


For further details, and to submit your application, contact Trish Thorpe (she/her)- Going Rural Health via

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