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limitless discovery

Resources and reflections into yourself, and the communities you live in

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Trauma Survivor




Challenging normativity is an act of love

OMNI Insight believes in listening to the communities it serves, and taking action through insightful conversations.

We are passionate, empathetic change agents, and believe in the power of human connection to make meaningful, mutual change.

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the OMni insight Team

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transcending the narative
- The Podcast

Intimate conversations that transcend the stories we have been told

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Transcending the narrative

The workshop

Transcending the Narrative takes queer people on a journey of writing, re-writing, and transcending their story.


Using principles of Narrative Therapy, Ren Slade will take you on a journey from the story queer people have - or are told to have - about their lives, to an affirming, transcendent narrative of your life.

Transcending the narrative is supported by:

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